About Us

ProMarketing Wizard Ltd. is a private company established in 2011. The company has started its work by building a marketing toolbox for the digital world. Since 2013 the company focuses specifically on digital registration forms (the Forms Wizard system), and today it is one of the leading and most profitable companies in the registration field in Israel. In 2020, in response to current events and COVID-19 spread around the world, the company changes its focus to virtual events,  via the Expo-Wizard platform. 

The Expo Wizard's platform gives you a full virtual experience

 Registration - State of the art registration forms with advanced capabilities and various registration tracks.

 Event Content - Tell your participants what your event is all about, and let them know what they can expect to see and whom they can meet.

 Broadcasts - Broadcast your live or pre-recorded sessions & reach a greater audience than before.

 Exhibition Halls - One of the main attractions in events and conferences is a buzzing exhibition hall filled with show booths, presentations, live demos, and lots of people. Now, it’s all virtual.

 Community - Usually, networking will happen all on its own during an event, during sessions, or over coffee. Enabling networking during a virtual event will boost your event and help to create a community surrounding it.